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Specializing in Repair and Maintenance, Outage Work, Plant Shutdown Service, Tank Fabrication, Tank Repair and Cladding, Process Piping Systems, Structural Installation and Welding, Structural Platforms, Equipment Setting and a diverse range of services and resources to ensure that your projects DELIVER.

High Pro Contracting can assist with many different trades. Here are the tradesmen we can provide and some work-related projects we have completed.


  • Pipe Welders

  • Pipe Fitters

  • Millwrights

  • Structural Welders

  • Tank Welders

  • Tank Fabricators

  • Trained Confined Space Entry

  • Trained OSHA 30 Hour

  • Construction Management


  • Process Piping Systems

  • Tank Repair & Cladding

  • Tank Fabrication

  • Structural Welding & Installation

  • Structural Platforms

  • Equipment Setting / Pump Alignment

  • Repair & Maintenance

  • Plant Shutdown Service

  • Bearing Replacement

  • Belt & Screw Conveyors



We try to bring the fabrication shop to the job site when possible. We outfit shipping containers with modern welding equipment that provides short circuit welding, pulse welding, dual head feeders to keep up with production. Being able to provide these welding processes to our customers. We still use Stick and TIG welding, but we attempt to limit these because there are faster and better processes that provide higher quality products with lower unsatisfactory rates. We provide electric beveling machines to increase productivity as well.


30” Pipe Joint is estimated to take 12 labor hours. With the equipment we provide we complete this joint in 4 hours saving our customers 8 labor hours on just one joint.

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